Hi there everyone.

First, I just went through and approved all the lingering comments. Apparently I haven’t been getting notified that they’re sitting in an approval queue, need to sort that out…

Second, you may have noticed that the blog hasn’t been updated in quite awhile. Since September in fact. There’s a good reason for this.

In October last year I accepted a position doing IT for a major brewery in Boston. (Shouldn’t take you long to figure it out if you care to.) Since then I’ve been wrestling with how to approach discussing the beers my employer makes without bias, since they sign my paychecks and all. I’ve had conversations with the head of marketing, I’ve rolled it around my head, and I think I’ve gotten to a comfortable place with it. To that end, I’ll only be writing up beers I’ve paid for in a retail establishment, and not the ones I get free from work. While I’ll probably decline to bash any of my employer’s beers, it would be a very rare occasion that I’d bash any beer honestly, so I don’t think I’ll be doing any self-censorship on that front. My focus will still be on beer+food and not beer reviews, so I definitely don’t mind giving props to competitor’s beers when they happen to go well with a particular meal. My employer’s beers go very well with food across the board, so I think they’ll have no trouble whatsoever keeping up.

Third, I’ve taken up twitter. You can find me there as @eatyourbeer, or at
I’ll see about setting up a twitter feed sidebar here on the site in my infinite spare time (hah!) to make it easy one-stop reading.

So that’s that. Long story short; I’ll be writing more here again soon.

Well hello! Welcome to Eat your Beer! A bit of an introduction follows…

I’ve been contemplating starting a beer blog for quite some time, but didn’t want to start yet another sparsely updated homebrewer blog, or a beer reviewing blog. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just that it’s not my thing. I’ve done a few beer pairings with dinners in the past couple of months, and it struck me that there’s not a lot of writing out there on the intersection of beer and food. I took my time coming up with a good domain name, registered it, and have been tinkering with a wordpress implementation for awhile now. Of course in the mean time a couple big names have launched beer+food books, so perhaps I’m riding a groundswell? Of course there are some 840,000 results for a google search on beer pairing, so it’s not like I invented the concept.

Anyway, my goal is to be another voice promoting the consumption of good beer, preferably alongside good food. Some of my discussion will be homebrewing (my wife and I have been brewing our own beer for over 4 years now), some will be about specific commercial beers (can’t wait to pop a bottle of Avery’s Fifteen that I just picked up), but I’m going to aim to keep my real focus on the many ways beer goes wonderfully with food. My wife is an amazing cook who creates some remarkable flavor combinations. (Ever tried white-chocolate leek truffles? Surprisingly tasty!) We’ve both won local friendly “Iron Chef” food parties, so I think we’ll have the food side well represented. I keep prodding her to start a food blog, and once we’re done throwing a circus perhaps she’ll have some time to think about that again. (I only have time to post this as it’s a slow Friday afternoon at work, but I can’t leave quite yet.)

So welcome! Feel free to drop me comments, e-mails, or catch me on google chat. Advice on beer, food, and anything else is always appreciated. Enjoy yourself, and go drink a tasty beverage.