Long time no post! 

This summer my wife and I bought a condo, so things have been a bit hectic since then. However excuses are worth the paper they’re printed on, and pixels are free so… 

We did get a chance to brew a new batch of homebrew, it was supposed to be a pale ale with Rye in it, but I looked away at the wrong time and killed the enzymes in the mash after only 10 minutes so it came out more like a malty fall ale. Still tastes quite good, it just wasn’t quite was I’d been aiming for. You can find the recipe here on beertools.com (no affiliation, I just like their tools) if you’re interested in the details. It’s on tap in our dining room alongside our heather ale from the spring. Unfortunately the homemade keggerator I built has had an untimely death. It was only 6 months old, and it shall be missed. (The beer’s still quite good served merely cool.)

This Friday we’ll be at the Pumpkin Ale Festival at Cambridge Brewing Company. 10 pumpkin ales on tap, 5 of their own and 5 from visiting breweries, as well as a full menu of pumpkin “inspired” tapas. Pumpkin ales are one of our favorite styles, so we’ll both be quite happily imbibing as many as we can manage.